Facial Cleansers

Kristian Skye Facial Cleansers are made with simple and clean ingredients that help remove dirt and debris without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Our handmade products use the natural pulling ability of oil to clear your pores without disrupting your skin's natural ecosystem. Here are some other benefits our cleansers provide.


Removes Build Up

All-day long, your skin comes into contact with pore-clogging debris. Dead skin cells, bacteria, and makeup all contribute to the build-up in your pores, resulting in acne. A facial cleanser helps remove this build-up, leaving your pores clear and able to absorb moisturizers, toners, and detox masks more effectively.


Boosts Hydration

Dry skin is itchy and uncomfortable. When untreated, your dry skin can become flaky or scaly, and may crack and bleed, opening the door for harmful bacteria. Facial cleansers help keep your skin hydrated by balancing the PH levels and clearing the pores so moisturizers can be absorbed more effectively.


Good for Circulation

When applying a facial cleanser, you want to gently massage it into the skin for 60 seconds. Not only does this ensure the product is being absorbed, but it also acts as a massage that can help increase circulation. Good circulation helps your skin look healthier by giving it a natural glow.


Clearer Skin

Skin that is free of buildup, well-hydrated, and has good circulation, tends to have less acne. A good facial cleanser is the first step in this process of achieving healthy skin. Check out our Honey Coco Facial Cleanser for a gentle everyday cleanse, and our Clean-Z Oil Face Cleanser for when you need a deeper cleanse that removes makeup and dirt.

Don’t let blemishes and dry skin hold you back. Keep your skin clear the natural way with Kristian Skye Beauty. Shop all of our handmade skincare products today!