Shipping Process:

Q: How long is your shipping process?

A: Our products are handmade in smaller batches, and we strive to dispatch items to the shipping carrier within three days. At most, all items will be shipped to the carrier within five days.

Q: What carrier do you use to ship?

A: Typically, we use USPS Priority to ship orders. In some cases, we may opt for a separate carrier or USPS (non-Priority) if it proves more effective. Our commitment is to ensure your package arrives at its destination in a timely and respectable fashion.


Q: Where is your headquarters?

A: Our headquarters is currently in the USA on the East Coast, specifically Delaware.

Shipping Destinations:

Q: Can you ship worldwide?

A: Currently, we ship to the USA and Canada. We plan to expand our shipping capabilities nationwide very soon.

Product Information:

Q: Are your products vegan?

A: Yes, our products are vegan. They are formulated without any ingredients related to animals directly or byproducts. Additionally, our products are classified as Cruelty-Free.

Q: Are your products eco-friendly?

A: Yes, all our collections, including candles, feature ingredients and materials that are 100% environmentally harmless. Our commitment to green living is evident in the use of clean and nontoxic ingredients. Our jars and bottles are made of 100% glass, promoting reuse or recycling.

Q: Is the skincare line all natural?

A: Yes, our skincare line is all-natural. All ingredients used in formulating our skincare (body) line are derived from nature.

Q: Is the feminine care line all natural?

A: While our feminine care line (Pink Honey Collection) as a whole is not classified as all-natural, our feminine oil (Sweet Nectar Drip) and feminine scrub (Pretty Privates) are considered all-natural. The feminine wash is water-based, and its ingredients include skin-safe preservatives for shelf life.

Natural vs. Organic:

Q: What is the difference between natural & organic?

A: Natural products use ingredients sourced from nature, but the term doesn't necessarily imply skin safety or environmental friendliness. Organic, regulated by the FDA, requires 95% of ingredients to be grown without pesticides or synthetic agents. The Kristian Skye brand does not officially classify products as organic but adheres to clean, toxin-free formulations.

Ingredients and Safety:

Q: Do you use any harmful ingredients?

A: Absolutely not. Our products are formulated without toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, etc. We prioritize clean and toxic-free formulations, aligning with FDA regulations.

Bulk Orders and Wholesale:

Q: Do you offer bulk orders or wholesale?

A: Yes, we support bulk orders and wholesale requests. For large quantities or customization, please contact us at contactus@kristianskye.com for personalized assistance.

Tracking Information:

Q: Why does my tracking number say "label created" without the location of my package?

A: Once an order is placed, we create a shipping label. The label generates a tracking number sent to the customer via email. The package must be packaged and shipped to the carrier for location tracking to be available. Refer to our shipping policy for further information.