Strong-willed and determination were always taught in my household. As a young child, I remember my parents divorcing leaving my mother to raise my brother and me with strength and perseverance.

A lot of memories are witnessed from my mother's diligent work, providing more than the average. I studied and learned the great trait to overcome and persevere. Life taught me things and looking back I wish I learned more balance and self-love/self-care.

In making the Kristian Skye brand, my younger self has found all of what she was lacking. When you buy our products you are joining a community where we live in our version of success with boldness, determination, and strength not forgetting to take lavish time for ourselves. Loving ourselves most luxuriously even if it's only for ten minutes a day is the lifestyle and I invite you.



Our Mission: Celebrating Boldness and Beauty in Every Woman

We believe that every woman has a distinct inner radiance that deserves to be celebrated and amplified. Our goal is to empower and inspire women to embrace their unique qualities, nurture their inner beauty, and radiate confidence in every area of their lives.